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Holidays in Morbihan

Visit the island of Groix

Take a cruise at sea and join Port Tudy , a port with Breton charm. Stroll through the village and admire the beautiful houses of shipowners with facades decorated by Italian craftsmen.
Every morning, the markets come alive and offer the island products of the land and sea. Many shops are to discover by strolling in the streets with smart facades.
The municipal ecomuseum is an inexhaustible mine of knowledge on this maritime epic.
The island is part of the European network of protected natural areas: “Natura 2000” . Discover Groix and let yourself be seduced by its varied landscapes: wild coast, valleys, coves, beaches . On your route you will find many vestiges of history scattered all along the territory: menhirs, dolmens, chapels and fountains.

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The Groix International Insular Film Festival
Every year at the beginning of August, Groix hosts and organizes the Festival International du Film Insulaire and presents to the public nearly 80 films to be seen in cinemas, under marquees or outdoors.

Coming to the island
Crossing in 45 minutes from Lorient or Lomener.

La Compagnie Océane
Maritime station, 56323 Lorient Cedex
Tel. 0820 056 156 (Indigo number)

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Lorient country

To be seen:

The Eric Tabarly Sailing City to discover the history and world of sailing.
The discovery tower.
On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, 60 years after the destruction of the old Theatre, the Grand Theatre opened its doors.
The Keroman Submarine Base (1942-1943). It is the largest fortress of the 20th century, designed to house about twenty submarines and their crews. Guided tours only.
The Davis Tower : the underwater museum. Guided by diving and history specialists, we discover an impressive simulator built in 1942 for submarine training.
“L’enclos du port”, now open to the public: the first installations of the Compagnie des Indes on the Faouëdic site, the Tour de la Découverte, the Gabriel hotel (former Hôtel des ventes de la Compagnie des Indes), mills, weapons square.
La Thalassa, the museum boat.
The Hôtels particuliers, Quai des Indes, symbolize the power and prosperity of the city at the end of the 18th century.
The houses of the 1930s: under the influence of the “Italian masons” who fled Mussolini’s regime, many of the constructions of the 1930s, very original for the time, remain in Lorient.
La Thalassa : ship discovered oceanography.
Le Faouëdic Art Gallery

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To live :

Comics Festival, early April
Carnival of Lorient, the 1st weekend of April
Grand prix cycliste de la ville de Lorient, in August
The Interceltic Festival in August is the global gathering of contemporary expressions from Celtic countries with nearly 4500 artists and 650 000 spectators.
Races and nautical activities, depending on the years: Challenge of fishing ports and commercial ports, Atlantic challenge – Le Télégramme, Multihull Grand Prix.

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Scorff Bridge Zoo

10km from the campsite, visit the zoo of Implanted in a green setting, the Zoo of Pont Scorff presents you more than 600 animals of 120 different species.

The 12 hectare park, nestled in a green setting, aims to make you travel but also to make you understand the importance of protecting it! Visit the zoo and admirewild animals: Asian elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, maki catta, spectacled bear, black rhinoceros…

Don’t miss the daily shows and activities: 3 shows are offered by the team of trainers: Sea lions, Seabirds, Parrots.

Five hours of visit to travel with the family across the five continents to discover wild animals!

green setting near camping kergal gardens

56620 Corff Bridge
Tel: 02 97 32 60 60 86

FOR CHILDREN (3 to 11 years old): 12.50 €
FOR ADULTS: 19.50 €

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During your stay at the campsite, discover Ploemeur an essential step in your discovery of South Brittany. With its beaches, coves, ports of Lomener or Kerroc’h, the seaside city offers beautiful opportunities for walks and leisure.

The 60 km of hiking trails allow you to discover the chapels, megaliths, stone villages… A recent pedestrian-bike route along the coast links Guidel to Fort-Bloqué and will eventually join Kerroc’h.

Ploemeur also has a golf course overlooking the sea and a large leisure pool.

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To see:
The pond of ter , green space arranged around 2 ponds.
Blocked Fort (1748): the fort’s battery is built to prevent an attack by the English. It was sold in 1967, and renovated in the 1970s.
St. Peter’s Church downtown: The first very simple construction of 1037 is modified two centuries later.
Historical monuments and typical sites: Chapel, fountains and wash-houses of Saint-Maudé of the XVIIe century, village of Divit, megaliths.
The beaches : each beach has its specificity, Strong-Blocked for the waves, Kerroc’h, Lomener, the Coureguant for its creeks … To meet the fishermen, the typical port of Lomener worth the detour.

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Larmor Beach

18km from the campsite, discover Larmor-Plage, a popular seaside resort in South Brittany. Renowned for its fine sandy beaches in the heart of the city, its sailing school, its waterfront bars and restaurants and its marina, its casino, the resort also offers great opportunities for discovery and walks.

To be seen:

Kerguélen Ocean Park: an 82-hectare dune area that shelters marine fauna and flora under the control of the coastal conservatory.
The Church of Our Lady of Larmor and its two remarkable altarpieces dating from the 17th century, one called the “Altar of the Jews” and the other representing a painting of Our Lady of Larmor rescuing ships.
The villa Kerlilon with its Renaissance style architecture and 17th century French classicism.
The Margaret Villa which now houses a café and the marina captain’s office.
The ocean theatre: between Locmaria and Locquéltas beach, the old bunker from 1940 has become an open-air theatre facing the island of Groix.
The tip of the jokers: a ceramic plate recalls Larmor’s sardine activity. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the tip of the jokers was a meeting place for fishermen, fish merchants and the inhabitants of Larmor.

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Port Louis

29km from the campsite, discover Port Louis and its famous citadel. Renowned for its rich historical and architectural heritage, the city also houses a beautiful fine sandy beach that offers a breathtaking view of the Pointe de Gâvres, the island of Groix and Larmor Beach.
Thanks to the batobus, Port-Louis is easily accessible from Lorient.

To be seen in Port-Louis :

The Port-Louis citadel, perfectly preserved. Built in the 16th century under the leadership of Cristobal de Rojas, the monument offers an unobstructed view of the bay of Lorient.
The Lohic promenade, facing Gâvres, offers an incredible panorama of the bay of Lorient.
The Museum of the India Company, one of the most visited sites in Brittany. Located in the citadel, the museum traces the history of Lorient and the various French companies in India from the 17th to the 18th century.

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The National Navy Museum, located in the citadel, houses the lifeboat room, the arsenal and the powder magazine. The museum also evokes maritime exchanges from the China Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and rescue at sea.
The large powder magazine built in the 18th century.
The small powder magazine, built in 1817, now houses a 1/500th scale model of the city built by the historical animation centre.

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27km from the campsite, discover Riantec and its rich historical and natural heritage. Riantec offers its visitors great opportunities for strolls and visits with its marshes, hiking trails, chapels, fountains and 9 km of coastline bordering the small Mer de Gâvres, a Natura 2000 listed site.

To be seen:

La Maison de l’Ile Kerner is the ideal place to discover the small sea of Gâvres with its varied and preserved fauna and flora. Nature outings, supervised by a qualified guide, are regularly offered.
Kerdurand Castle (early 18th century) and its arboretum in the park created in 1745.
Churches: church of Saint-Radegonde (11th century, neo-gothic style); chapel of the Trinity (15th century); chapel of the True Cross (4th and 17th century).
The Sainte-Radegonde fountain, whose particularity was to have a soft spring at low tide.
The Stervins Tidal Mill built in 1688. there are still two valves left that allow water to pass through. They are visible at low tide.

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18km from the campsite, visit the city of Hennebont, one of the most important fortified cities in Bretagne. Go through the door Broerec’h and discover the enclosed city. An essential stopover during your stay in the Lorient region.

Hennebont has been able to preserve and enhance its beautiful historical heritage and medieval architecture. Discover the city on foot and explore the picturesque narrow streets lined with half-timbered houses. The enclosed city houses some remarkable houses: the corner house known as the Sénéchal, the 17th century Perrien mansion and some 18th century buildings, such as the former Mallat mansion.

Visit the Tours Broërec’h which today houses a museum of art and traditions retracing the history of Hennebont, the activity of the port and presenting Breton furniture and costumes, faience, numerous models and engravings. From the top of the towers and the walkway enjoy a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings.

Every Thursday, Hennebont hosts the largest market in the country Lorient !

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The Hennebont National Stud Farm, located in the buildings of a former 13th century Cistercian abbey, is the only one in France to have such an important museum space.

Visit the stud farm, from the saddlery to the stables and workshops. Discover all the craft trades (blacksmith, saddler, blacksmith…) and admire the sumptuous stallions. Various animations are also available (horse-drawn carriage rides, horse presentations, equestrian shows…).

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Don’t leave without visiting Vannes and its many historical and natural treasures. Renowned for its marina and fortified square, the medieval city, which is a city of art and history, offers you many opportunities to visit.

The historic center
Enter the old town through the porte Saint-Vincent and stroll through the picturesque alleyways lined with half-timbered houses that smell like the sweetness of life. Stroll through the Saint-Patern district and visit the cathedral.

The Oceanographic Aquarium
Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the oceans and visit the aquarium of Vannes. Admire hundreds of aquatic species, from the Gulf of Morbihan to the Caribbean, the majestic Amazon, the great African lakes and the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean.

The Butterfly Garden
Discover the fascinating and hidden world of butterflies in the middle of a reconstituted tropical forest. Le Jardin aux Papillons de Vannes, invites you to discover the life of butterflies from Africa, Asia, and America in a 500m² greenhouse.

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